Recovering waste energy, offsetting the use of carbon fuels and reducing CO2 emissions.

Condex Condensing economizer systems

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  • Recovering most of the remaining energy in your exhaust stack to use instead of burning more fuel.
  • Generating water from the air that can be used in the boiler or on site.
  • Reducing operational costs and improving the bottom line

Optimised for Energy Efficiency

Getting every last kWh of energy from your fuel is where the Condex condensing economizer
design starts. Converting both latent and sensible energy from the process or boiler exhaust provides large amounts of energy that can be used in the boiler house or across your site to offset regular fuel costs.

Engineered for excellence

Condensing exhaust gasses recovers the large amount of latent heat trapped in the exhaust gas as it exits the boiler or process and it is the release of this energy that provides such high levels of energy reduction.

Designed to save a fortune

Each Condex system is designed and configured specifically for the site it works on, matching energy sources with site requirements to achieve the optimum in energy reduction and efficiency. offsetting the use of carbon fuels and reducing CO2  and NOx

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