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Condensing Heat Recovery


Modular Construction

The modular construction of the Condex system means that multiple heat exchangers can be contained in one unit providing optimum heat recovery and delivery to suit your site. Maximum recovery, minimum fuss.


Innovative Solutions

High energy recovery from the existing stack means low temperatures and different materials for our stacks, this one is made from fibreglass. Innovative solutions driving great projects.

Hydro-dynamic Steam Traps


Easy Installation

Perhaps one of the greatest attributes of the Fenix Hydrodynamic steam trap range is its ability to be installed with minimal modification to the surrounding pipework. In fact our Flanged models can be made to suit your specific face to face dimensions.


Easily Maintained

Designed to replace the smallest of mechanical traps the EF series comes with a host of benefits including accessible and removable strainer and nozzle, making maintenance fast and easy


The revolutionary design replacing the steam trap  and providing a proven improvement to any condensate system.
“Our process’ have improved and we are aware of the savings that are being made” Process Manager – Chemical Plant

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